What’s Trending in Kitchen and Bath for 2022?


Home design trends are always changing with the times. Remember when shag carpet, bright green cabinets and everything dark wood was the trend? In 2022, with people spending more time than ever before in their homes, trends nowadays factor in functionality. When it comes to replacing the countertops, flooring, or cabinetry in your kitchen or bathroom, choosing the right materials and design for your individual needs can help create a perfect, personalized look. Recent trends in countertops opt for more low maintenance and easy-to-clean options. Trends in cabinetry include bright and fun cabinetry colors, along with traditional oak or walnut. When it comes to flooring, vinyl flooring options are excellent choices to have a luxurious look on a budget that is also easy to maintain.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the upcoming 2022 trends for kitchens and bathrooms.


In 2022, we anticipate more homeowners are opting for elegant countertops in their bathroom that are both beautiful and low maintenance. Some examples include granite or quartz solid surface countertops, which are easy to keep tidy and clean while still looking elegant. To contrast solid surface countertops, try adding a fun scenic mural wall to your bathroom. A bold and busy wall pattern can help your bathroom look unique and wonderfully complement your quartz countertops. They create a sanctuary or spa-like feel for your bathroom, promoting relaxation and calmness.

This year, kitchens are becoming more multi-functional use rooms in ways they never have before. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending more time in their homes than in previous years. The kitchen is used as a gathering place and centralized room in the house, making it designated for more than just cooking or eating. It may be a room where your kids gather and talk, do homework, or adults may work from home. When planning your kitchen design and materials, it is important to take into consideration the changing needs of your kitchen and what you’d like to get from the space.


Seamless, solid surface countertops are a great pick for a multipurpose kitchen. One popular trend includes using green marble to create a two-toned earthy themed kitchen, paired with wooden cabinetry. Solid, seamless surface countertops are easy to clean and maintain, and made to withstand significant use over many years.


Though neutral color cabinetry has traditionally been popular, more colorful and bright options are taking the limelight. For those looking to add a pop of color, consider adding small bits of colored cabinetry without making the entire kitchen bright. You can do this by adding colored cabinetry to a kitchen island. These add an element of uniqueness and fun to your kitchen, giving the room a lively feel. While white cabinets still remain popular, pigment-filled cabinets in colors like primary red, rich blues or greens are a unique way to change up your kitchen.

Colorful cabinets not your style? Beautiful dark oak and walnut wood cabinets are beautiful neutral options for kitchen cabinets that remain popular in 2022. Walnut has a deep and rich color, which lends its beautifully to many different kitchen styles. Stained oak is also quite popular for similar reasons.

Many new kitchens in 2022 are aiming for a more minimalist approach, which allows the kitchen to feel open, bright and clean at all times without unnecessary detail and clutter. One popular minimalist kitchen trend is to try cabinets without knobs, which allows the focus to be on the cabinet and its natural beauty. Other minimalist trends include clean-lines and geometric patterns.



    In recent years, vinyl flooring has remained popular as it is an affordable and beautiful option for many rooms. As vinyl advances in its development, more styles are becoming available to mirror real wood or stone flooring. Homeowners love vinyl because it can be well-within their budget and it is easy to install.

    For those looking for a more luxurious flooring option, smokey wood flooring is exploding in popularity. As opposed to standard hardwood flooring, smokey wood floors provide a unique sense of character to the room. Smokey wood flooring is an excellent choice for those who have a rustic style room and are looking to add depth. Hardwood flooring does require regular maintenance to keep it looking great over time, though. This type of flooring can be prone to scratching over time, so some people choose hardwood faux-laminate flooring as a more durable kitchen option.


    When it comes to carpet, more people are considering carpet tiles, which can provide an affordable way to jazz up a room. Carpet tiles are available in bold and geometric styles and patterns. This can allow you to easily bring warmth and comfort to bedrooms or living spaces without having to put down a full piece of carpet.

    Laminate is a timeless flooring option, available in many different styles and colors. Laminate has several clear advantages, such as its affordable price, water-resistant nature, and it can resemble more expensive forms of flooring. If you’re looking to save money on your flooring, laminate may be a great option. Laminate comes in patterns which are designed to look like hardwood flooring as well, making it an excellent alternative for buyers who want the hardwood look at a fraction of the cost. One thing to consider, though, is that laminate flooring must stay dry.

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