Ugly Kitchen Contest Winner: Kitchen Makeover Reveal!


Back in August, we awarded a kitchen remodel to one deserving family after running their “Ugly Kitchen Contest” on Facebook. Now, the long-awaited kitchen reveal is here!





The contest, which ended on August 1, encouraged residents of Polk County to submit photos of their kitchen and gather votes from their friends and family. The kitchen with the most votes was deemed the winner. The lucky owner of the winning kitchen was Kimberly Grimsley of Ft. Meade. The kitchen gathered an awesome 8,694 votes!



The Grimsleys are a truly awesome family that has opened their home to five foster children—four they have adopted and one they are in the process of adopting—and their small kitchen just wasn’t cutting it. With all open cabinets and little to no storage or counter space, the family of seven had a hard time functioning in the space.

Over the course of a few months, we were able to help the Grimsleys transform their kitchen into a beautiful, functional area that they love.

“The way the new kitchen has streamlined and simplified my time in the kitchen has allowed me to be a more efficient mom. From cooking to cleaning & washing dishes to having a space for every pot, pan and groceries to be put away, my time in the new kitchen never feels like a chore,” Grimsley said. “Thanks to Lakeland Liquidation, we have a beautiful kitchen now, large enough to accommodate our family and a place where beautiful memories can be made.”

While the Grimsleys were able to take on some of the renovation work that was outside of the scope of the contest prize, we provided the labor to remove existing countertops and cabinetry, design and layout services, and installed Maple Tru White cabinets, provided by Tru-Cabinetry, and Santa Cecilia Light granite countertops, provided by Southern Granite.


The Grimsleys also made a HUGE change and took down a wall between the kitchen and the living room, increasing the size of the kitchen, and provided a new sink and appliances.

“We are so excited for the Grimsley family and being able to help transform their kitchen into a beautiful, functional space,” Dionne Hodgson said. “They have such big hearts and give so much of themselves in caring for their family. We wish them all the best and hope they create wonderful family memories in their new kitchen.”

We were able to partner with local digital marketing company Maximize Digital Media to launch this fun campaign on June 1 in order to give this lucky family the kitchen of their dreams!



For all the photos of this kitchen transformation, visit our Ugly Kitchen Contest Winner photo album on our Facebook page here.