Waterproof Flooring LakelandWhat Kind of flooring should I choose?

The flooring throughout your home can either help or hurt the overall design and feel of your rooms. There are many factors to consider when choosing new flooring for your home. Options for flooring include: Carpet, Tile, Vinyl, Laminate, Vinyl Plank flooring, and Hardwood Flooring. Choosing the right type, style, and color is essential when redoing any room. Here are a few considerations to help you pick the best flooring for you!


Carpet is a great choice for comfort and price. Most of the time, carpet can be the least expensive flooring option. It helps make bedrooms and living rooms cozy, especially for kids to play on the floor. Factors like dust, pets and spills can be the downfall of keeping your carpet clean and looking it’s best.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring gives you the look of hard wood without the cost. Installation is fairly simple with the locking, floating system. Beware, though, water is no friend to laminate. This floor must stay dry. Moisture will seep into the floor and cause it to swell. Laminate flooring works best in dry rooms like living rooms and bedrooms.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has definitely come a long way. From upgraded rolled vinyl to wood looking vinyl plank flooring, this is not the vinyl from your grandma’s house. The best part about vinyl is that it’s a water proof material, so spills and accidents from kids and pets are no problem for this durable floor. Wood plank vinyl flooring is a great alternative to laminate flooring when wet areas are a concern, making them a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Floor Tile

Tile is the hardest, long-lasting flooring surface. While it can be a little more expensive for the material and labor to install, tile flooring will last a lifetime. Practically kid and pet-proof, tile floors will withstand quite a bit of use. Tile flooring comes in many different finishes, styles, sizes and colors. There are so many choices for floors and accents, it’s easy to create a look that is just right for you. Tile is a great floor options for the entire home.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is beautiful and gives your home a classic look. However, getting real hard wood floors can come at a great cost. Real wood floors are softer than laminate floors and can scratch easier. Cleaning and maintaining wood flooring is pretty easy and they are more resistant to spills than laminate flooring.

Choosing the best floor covering for your home depends on where and how your floor will be used. Other factors like cost, ease of installation, durability and maintenance should all be considered too. At Lakeland Liquidation, we are here to help you figure out the best type of flooring for your home!

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Carpet Tiles WInter HavenDiscount Carpet Tiles

Lakeland Liquidation’s discount carpet tiles are a great way to fully customize your home or office to suit your tastes – while having the added durability and look of traditional carpet, at wholesale prices. Carpet Tile is easy to install and cost effective to maintain. And if a tile becomes damaged, you can easily remove and replace the damaged tile with a new one without removing everything from your room as with traditional carpet.

Discount Carpet Tiles: Easy to Install

Discount Carpet Tiles are Great Do-It-Yourself Projects as they are easy to Install. No tack strip is needed, no kicking and stretching required. Some carpet tiles come with an attached Kanga Back Cushion and a Peel & Stick adhesive system that makes installation quick and easy!

Save Money with Discount Carpet Tiles…

Another great benefit to use carpet tiles in your home or office. When compared to wall to wall carpet installations, carpet tiles save on average 15 to 20% on waste and you can easily store replacement tile in any closet.
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