Cabinet Choices Available at Lakeland Liquidation

At Lakeland Liquidation, we strive to offer our customers quality cabinet products at affordable prices.  Our cabinetry is constructed of plywood cabinet boxes (no particle board here) with wood doors.  We have several options from in-stock cabinets ready for you today, special order cabinets, and overstock miscellaneous cabinets and sometimes overstock complete kitchens for sale.

For those in a hurry or willing to finish their cabinets to save some money, we keep a line of unfinished, shaker-style cabinets in stock.  These cabinets have finished interiors with adjustable shelving. Also, in-stock we carry Tru-Cabinetry Delmar Sienna, an American-made, shaker-style cabinet finished in a dark brown stain. These cabinets come with dove-tail, soft-close drawers. Both of these options are available for same day pick up or we can schedule professional installation services for you.

If you are looking for more door style and color options, we have a large variety of choices available for special order. Our special order cabinet manufacturers include ForeverMark or Matrix, Tru-Cabinetry and Kabinart.

ForeverMark or Matrix is an import line with a limited selection of door style and color options. While they provide an array of standard sizes to cover most kitchen layouts, they are limited in their ability to customize style, colors or sizes. These cabinets are shipped flat-boxed and are RTA (Ready-to-be-Assembled). Assembly and installation are services we provided, if needed.

Tru-Cabinetry is an American-made company based in Ashland, Alabama. There are more custom options available through Tru-Cabinetry as you can choose any of their door styles and finish it with your choice of stain or paint colors available and you can even add glazing. They also offer a larger catalog of available products, accessories and trim to achieve the custom look you desire. These cabinets are made to order, fully assembled and shipped in four weeks.

Kabinart is an American-made cabinetry company. Kabinart also makes cabinets to order and offers a variety of door styles that can be painted or stained the color of your choice. Additional custom features with accessories and trim are available to complete your kitchen. These cabinets are fully assembled and shipped in five weeks.

As with any big decision, take time to research your cabinet manufacturers’ products, review the layout and design of your proposed kitchen remodel and discuss all options and timeline for your project with your cabinet dealer. Here at Lakeland Liquidation, we can help guide you with our outstanding personal service combined with years of practical kitchen remodeling experience.  We want to help you make your kitchen into the heart of your home!

Choosing Between Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring are both a great alternate to real hardwood floors. They both offer locking, floating joinery that snap together and are easy for do-it-yourself installation. So, what are the differences?

Luxury Vinyl Plank is 100% plastic. Laminate is 99% wood product.  This means that when it comes to wet areas, vinyl has superior resistance to moisture where laminate flooring may swell over time if subjected to repeated wetness.   Areas like kitchens and bathrooms may be better suited for vinyl plank and use laminate flooring for the rest of your home.


Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring both offer the look of wood planks in a variety of colors and styles. In addition, they both are relatively easy to install.  Maintenance and caring for these floors are pretty simple.  Vinyl can be swept and either wet or dry mopped.  Laminate floors should only be dry mopped and spot cleaned where needed.


Laminate flooring is thicker by nature of its pressed-board wood core. Vinyl is thinner.  In considering comfort, vinyl is thinner and if installed directly on concrete can be hard and cold.  Laminate with pad underlayment may be easier to walk on and warmer to the touch.

So, which one should you choose?  In order to determine what would be best for your home, you need to consider material, moisture level, and comfort along with available styles, colors and price.


Ugly Kitchen Contest Winner: Kitchen Makeover Reveal!


Back in August, we awarded a kitchen remodel to one deserving family after running their “Ugly Kitchen Contest” on Facebook. Now, the long-awaited kitchen reveal is here!





The contest, which ended on August 1, encouraged residents of Polk County to submit photos of their kitchen and gather votes from their friends and family. The kitchen with the most votes was deemed the winner. The lucky owner of the winning kitchen was Kimberly Grimsley of Ft. Meade. The kitchen gathered an awesome 8,694 votes!



The Grimsleys are a truly awesome family that has opened their home to five foster children—four they have adopted and one they are in the process of adopting—and their small kitchen just wasn’t cutting it. With all open cabinets and little to no storage or counter space, the family of seven had a hard time functioning in the space.

Over the course of a few months, we were able to help the Grimsleys transform their kitchen into a beautiful, functional area that they love.

“The way the new kitchen has streamlined and simplified my time in the kitchen has allowed me to be a more efficient mom. From cooking to cleaning & washing dishes to having a space for every pot, pan and groceries to be put away, my time in the new kitchen never feels like a chore,” Grimsley said. “Thanks to Lakeland Liquidation, we have a beautiful kitchen now, large enough to accommodate our family and a place where beautiful memories can be made.”

While the Grimsleys were able to take on some of the renovation work that was outside of the scope of the contest prize, we provided the labor to remove existing countertops and cabinetry, design and layout services, and installed Maple Tru White cabinets, provided by Tru-Cabinetry, and Santa Cecilia Light granite countertops, provided by Southern Granite.


The Grimsleys also made a HUGE change and took down a wall between the kitchen and the living room, increasing the size of the kitchen, and provided a new sink and appliances.

“We are so excited for the Grimsley family and being able to help transform their kitchen into a beautiful, functional space,” Dionne Hodgson said. “They have such big hearts and give so much of themselves in caring for their family. We wish them all the best and hope they create wonderful family memories in their new kitchen.”

We were able to partner with local digital marketing company Maximize Digital Media to launch this fun campaign on June 1 in order to give this lucky family the kitchen of their dreams!



For all the photos of this kitchen transformation, visit our Ugly Kitchen Contest Winner photo album on our Facebook page here.

Unfinished Shaker-style All-Wood Cabinets In-Stock

If you are looking for new quality cabinets but are tight on budget and time, we have a great product for you.  Lakeland Liquidation carries a full line of unfinished all-wood cabinets in stock.  These are fully assembled, Alder wood, shaker style doors ready to be painted or stained.  Our unfinished line of cabinets come new in the box, already put together and finished on the inside of the cabinet.  All you need is a little do-it-yourself attitude to put on the finishing paint or stain color of your choice.

We keep a variety of sizes for kitchen cabinets in stock.  Bring in your measurements and shop for the cabinets you need.  These are perfect cabinets for the do-it-yourself person.  Save money on all wood cabinets by finishing them yourself!

Unfinished Shaker-style All-Wood Cabinets – Lakeland Liquidation offers our customers quality products at discounted prices.  From cabinets to flooring, and kitchen and bathroom updates, we are your local home improvement alternative.   Check out our products and services at and on Facebook.  Visit our store and showroom located at 2940 US Highway 92 East, Lakeland, FL 33801.  Hours are Monday thru Saturday 9 am – 5 pm.

Tailor Your Bathroom From the Floor Up

tile flooring for bathroom remodelLAKELAND, FLORIDA —Whether your friends are coming for a visit or a potential buyer is taking the grand tour, they’ll decide a lot about your home (and its owner) in your bathroom.  Fortunately, replacing your bathroom’s standard, run–of–the-mill linoleum floor covering is a quick and affordable way to make sure the snap judgment people make in your latrine is one you won’t want to flush down the drain.

Dionne Hodgson, our resident flooring specialist here at Lakeland Liquidation, says tile flooring is an easy way to boost a home’s appearance, value and character without taking on a full bathroom remodeling project.

“It’s never a bad idea to update a bathroom, whether giving the room a complete facelift or adding tile flooring,” Dionne says. “A modern bathroom that’s comfortable and efficient is a treat that every homeowner should enjoy, and it’s likely to increase a home’s resale value.”

In fact, many homebuyers make decisions based on a home’s bathrooms and kitchen, and they frequently opt for durable, modern features that won’t need to be updated in the near future. And, of course, there are aesthetics to consider.

Contrast a bathroom that hasn’t been renovated since its original construction in the 1950s, or one with bland linoleum flooring against one updated with ceramic or porcelain tile. The latter is a more finished product comprised of substantial, unique materials that create a regal, modern overall look. A bit of tile goes a long way in tailoring your home, even on a tight budget.

The benefits of tile flooring go far beyond its aesthetic appeal. Our tile flooring is:

 1) Affordable, even on a tight budget

2) One of the most durable flooring options

3) Fire-resistant

4) Easily maintained

5) Resistant to odor and stain

6) Long-lasting without needing regular replacement

7) Available in a variety of colors, textures, sizes and styles, which allows for unique customization

Don’t be embarrassed by what’s beneath your bathroom rugs. Explore the many affordable discount options we offer and choose the colors, patterns, shapes and sizes that will make you love your bathroom from the floor up at a price that can’t be beat.